Continuing our series for those lovely noobs who are currently making their first forays into the wonderful world of esports, we thought we’d compile overviews of some of the games that were esports around. And where better to start than with LoL? What is League of Legends and that is it suitable for?

In a nutshell

It is hugely popular across the world, and also you can test your battle skills from anywhere in the world. In 2014, it is estimated that in excess of 67,000,000 people play with LoL, with a mean of 27,000,000 people playing everyday.


There’s a variety of different game modes to try and, as you improve, you can compete in show tournaments and matches. You can also take cash prizes — and market yourself if you become really good!

The Game

You decide on a champion to become your”character”. You play fighting to the death against the other team, consisting of real world players or AI players. In many, the entire point of the game is to destroy the nexus structure of the opposing team although there is an array of game modes.



In League of Legends, unlike many other games, all competitors start our regardless of how long they have been playing with the game. Teams and players gain experience and tools as they progress through the game. LoL uses a matchmaking algorithm to make sure all players in the session have an average skill level unless you wish to make a customized group, in which you may choose players of any experience or skill level, to ensure a fair and good battle. This system makes sure inexperienced players aren’t pitted against LoL master players that are uber. New players can also get into the tutorial mode and the co-op vs. AI mode, which enables new players to gain experience and ability and hone their plans.


Who is LoL For?

A word of warning: League of Legends might not be for you, If you’re an anti-social individual who participates working with other people. You want to work with the other members of your group, to be effective. If you go off guns blazin’ and do your own thing, you probably won’t get far. If you do not like strategy games, this one is likely not for you. If you’re new to esports or gaming, provided that you’re prepared to work for the good of your team to reach the win, then you can play League of Legends. Complete the tutorials and play bot games as you master the fundamentals and get to grips with the games. Playing against bots is a great method of bettering your skills.


This is a basic summary of League of Legends and barely scratches the surface. Keep your eyes peeled as we’ll be producing how to play, strategies, and more in the coming days and weeks.a

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